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Back to School

Today was Kelsey's first day of Pre-K. She was very excited and the morning went off without a hitch. Detailed reporting of her first day at her new school will follow. She is currently attending The Sunshine House school in Loganville, but we are hopeful that a spot will open for her at Loganville Primary (where Michelle teaches) very soon. Kelsey is currently 4th on the Pre-K waiting list at LPS. Keep you fingers crossed for us.

As you can see in the photo she is will be at home in the classroom or on the playground in her striped top and demin skirt (a big girl skirt, not a skort) from Old Navy. She completes the ensemble with the Team Strawberry Shortcake backpack and z-strap sneakers from Target.


Tony Alva said…
I think both the Shia and Sunni sects both ban skorts too.

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