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Once a Generation

It seems that looney politicians from Georgia exist once a generation. Our parents had to deal with Jimmy Carter, who presently is only getting crazier, but hopefully it is being balanced by an ever deminishing level of infuence.

We continue to be embarassed on a national level by Cynthia McKinney. I only hope that the American people will never let her become President.

Has Sony done anything right since the Walkman? - and now this......

With the exception of very good TV's (I love my 27" Sony Wega) and pretty good stereo equipment, Sony doesn't seem to do anything very well anymore.

Their largest flaw is that they are bound and determined to make things that don't work and play well with others. Examples:

Betamax - enough said

MiniDisk - a great format and media but not available on any hardware other than Sony and as a result adoption was limited at best.

Viao Computers - Some great equipment, but a royal pain to work on or to get it to work with non-Sony peripherals

Clie - A Palm Pilot with a proprietary memory card format and a higher price. Wonder why they didn't do well.

Playstation 3 - the world is waiting and XBox360 is kicking your ass

PSP (Playstation Portable) - A very slick piece of hardware, but Target and Wal-mart have already stopped carrying movies for this platforms proprietary format

BlueRay - or as I like to call it "Betamax: The Sequal"

And now they're killing other com…