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Blame Canada

What country is the largest supplier of oil to the USA?

Is this cool or stupid?

I can't decide if this is cool or stupid.

The Hallmark Scam

Like most folks out there, the wife and I have our "circle of friends". That core group that you do things with by default. This also means 11-12 default birthday celebrations a year. We typically go out to dinner and several years ago gave up on exchanging gifts, in favor putting that money towards a nicer restaurant for the celebration dinner. Birthday Cards are still exchanged. Here lies my issue. Birthday Cards (as well as other Greeting Cards) are for sending to people in the mail, not for handing directly to them at the function. Aunt Caroline who lives in Portland, your fraternity brother who took the job in Silicon Valley, or your nephew who is away at college --- these are all fine targets for a greeting card. When you are actually going to be in the same room as the person, I contend that a Greeting Card is inappropriate and a waste money. Some of these cards cost upwards of $5. Do people spend this money because they are incapable of saying the things tha

It's Not Your Fault

When will the excuses stop. I could blog further, but I don't want to spark an attack of IED in myself. To be diagnosed with IED, an individual must have had three episodes of impulsive aggressiveness "grossly out of proportion to any precipitating psychosocial stressor," at any time in their life, according to the standard psychiatric diagnostic manual. The person must have "all of a sudden lost control and broke or smashed something worth more than a few dollars…hit or tried to hurt someone…or threatened to hit or hurt someone." It also crossed my mind that this might be a left wing plot to confuse the American public about the IED (improvised explosive device) acronym that has come into vogue relative to roadside bombs in Iraq.