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Once a Generation

It seems that looney politicians from Georgia exist once a generation. Our parents had to deal with Jimmy Carter, who presently is only getting crazier, but hopefully it is being balanced by an ever deminishing level of infuence.

We continue to be embarassed on a national level
by Cynthia McKinney. I only hope that the American people will never let her become President.


Tony Alva said…
Nice stab at JC. Should add ole Bill Campbell to the list of GA incompetents.
我认为辛西亚・McKinney 是idot 和一完全embarrasement 对我们全部。
Yoda Jacket said…
I agree about Bill Campbell, but he wasn't as much of a national embarassment.
Tony Alva said…
Came pretty damn close my friend. Remember, Bill Clinton asked him to become a cabinet member and ol' Bill C. turned him down. It's obvious now that he knew he'd naver pass FBI/NSA scrutiny.

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